On-site mobility: Agreements and programs that allow participant students to study abroad for a semester at a foreign university with full academic recognition. We grant both partial and full scholarships.

Remote virtual exchange: Agreements and programmes developed to allow more students to experience internationalization. Students take up a term at a foreign university remotely with full academic recognition.



All international students must observe all applicable immigration regulations in Argentina.

Immigration paperwork depends on: a) country of origin, b) length of exchange.

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Reglamento de movilidad internacional - REMIUNPAZ

Resolución de Alojamiento Solidario


Visa paperwork must be completed in person by the applicant at the relevant Argentine consular office. To start the process, applicants must set an appointment and hand in all required documents. It is advisable to contact the relevant consulate at least 60 days prior to the journey.

If in Argentina, application for a student visa is via the RADEX. system.


The applicant must submit the following documentation (the original and a copy) at the relevant consular office:

  1. A valid passport for a minimum of 6 months as from the date of arrival in the country and a minimum of two blank pages.
  2. Two (2) recent passport-sized colour photographs, facing forward.
  3. The visa application form must be completed (digitally, preferably) and signed.
  4. A copy of the syllabus.
  5. Student’s data must be uploaded onto the Argentine National Directorate for Migrations’ database by the applicant’s school prior to the student’s application.
  6. Proof of sufficient financial means to cover the expenses of the whole stay, return and course of studies (the relevant consular office may ask for bank and/or credit card statements).
  7. Applicants planning to stay for over (6) six months, and are 16 or older, must present a certificate of criminal record check issued by the relevant agency of the country of residence where they have lived for the last three years. This certificate must show data for the year prior to the trip. All documents must be legalized and apostilled.
  8. Applicants planning to stay for over (6) six months, and are 16 or older, must present an affidavit of criminal history self disclosure signed before the consul.
  9. Go through an interview with the consul.
  10. In case of minors, they must possess an authorization to travel signed by both parents and indicate the name of the person who will be responsible for the minor in Argentina.



Formulario de solicitud de visa

Compromiso de decir la verdad

Declaración Jurada



Study BA offers a welcome kit to those students interested in joining or continuing the study abroad exchange experience. The kit is valid as from the student’s arrival in Argentina and provides the following:

  • Lodging discounts (see list of participating hostels)
  • a SIM card
  • a SUBE card for public transportation
  • Discounts at language institutes
  • Free recreational activities
  • Virtual tours and visits

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