Our HOSTS and HOSTESSES welcome international mobility students in their homes for a whole academic term. Our main goal is to bring a multicultural experience to those sharing their homes with foreign students at UNPAZ and encourage internationalization within our University community.


One of our internationalization strategies is continuous language training for our students to strengthen their skills in foreign languages. To do so, we have teamed up with the UNPAZ Language Centre (Centro de Idiomas de UNPAZ - CIUNPAZ) and our Teacher Education Program for ELT (Profesorado Universitario de Inglés). With language training, we give our students the chance to boost their education and their skills and to be stronger candidates when applying for scholarships and calls abroad.

Apart from regular language courses, we created Conversation Clubs where students from different countries interact and discuss topics of cultural interest. Participants bond and share cross-cultural knowledge.

AIMED AT: Applicants, regular, graduate and postgraduate students.


We give our regular and graduate students the possibility to sponsor an international student and take them under their wings during their academic experience with UNPAZ. It is their opportunity to bond and share knowledge and experiences with foreign students while fostering intercultural exchange.



The UNPAZ Ambassadors Program has been created to instil a sense of belonging and build a team of international representatives from all of our internationalization projects to promote our academic history and curriculum.

On the other hand, it allows to promote our programs and give advice about our available academic offerings according to the student’s profile while setting a fluent contact with our students, faculty and administrative staff.


Our Internationalization Workshops have been created by the International Relations Direction to inform our student community about scholarships and other available programs at UNPAZ and to raise awareness of the possibilities we grant our students to continue working on their higher education.